Hable con ella

I remember being a child and a teenager, and reading film magazines and the Canal + film catalogue, and seeing all sorts of films I wasn't allowed to see yet. Before films were put online, I couldn't get access to all the films I wanted beyond my parents' Kubrick and Hitchcock dvds... and I remember watching a feature on Canal + about Hable con ella, and seeing the scene of a tiny man entering a p***y and I thought wow I cant wait to see weird shizz like that. (I have yet to find the film on necrophilia I had read so much about ).

So last night I saw Hable con ella and it was worth the wait of a decade. I loved it so much. We already knew that Almodovar is a master at mixing comedy and tragedy like no other... But I find this one more mature maybe than his other works, well, let's say more in the vein of his 'Piel que habito' (again, a lot about skin...) . As usual he gives a story that's compassionate and brave, but the thing is slowed down, less scattered, less... 'spanish'?
I wasn't a big fan of his work just after that though...I wasn't taken with La mala educacion, and I didn't find that open love letter to Penelope Cruz that was 'Los abrazos rotos'.
But like his latest, 'The skin i live in', 'Hable con ella' is unmissable!
I enjoy Almodovar like I enjoy Tennessee Williams plays and it's a very big statement.
I think this one will stick with me for quite a while.